$1,000 iMac for Schools, Bulk Buys

Buying in bulk just got sexy, as Apple is releasing a sub-$1000 iMac for schools and those purchasing more than a few of the desktops.

Using a previous generation of processor, it won't (obviously) have the whiz-bang Sandy Bridge-esque power, but the 3.1 GHz, dual-core will fix what ails your computing woes.

It'll be best at simple apps, ones that don't require heavy lifts on redraws, histograms, etc, accoding to Silicon Alley Insider.

The box will also house 2GB of RAM, 250GB of hard-disk space and, according to 9to5Mac.com, a 21.5" monitor.

The downsides would be that the RAM is not upgradable and there's no Thunderbolt. The built-in features, like camera, are presumably intact, though.

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