1st Look Loves: Discover New Music, Art and Film at Northside Festival

The music and art portion of the Northside Festival in Brooklyn is over. But not to worry, the film festival leg is about to kickoff. Some of the highlights include “Take the Waltz” starring Seth Rogan and Michelle Williams, “About Cherry” with James Franco, and Lena Dunham's debut feature “Creative Non-Fiction.”

As an event that prides itself in discovering the best new musicians, filmmakers, and artists, don’t let these films pass you by like the music and the art. Anyone with an adventurous spirit will revel in the glory of new finds and get back high rewards.

But in case you still feel like you’ve missed out, take a look at the noteworthy performances from this past weekend in our photo gallery.

For more information on the Northside Festival, click here.

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