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Place Your Prop Bets: For the Super Bowl, You Can Wager on Almost Anything

Here's a look at some of the more intriguing prop bets for the upcoming Super Bowl

For those not interested in the New England Patriots or the Philadelphia Eagles, there is another way to enjoy the Super Bowl: the prop bets.

We're not talking about simply who's going to win the game. The exhilarating thing about the Super Bowl is that -- if you're so inclined --  you can bet on almost anything.

For the statisticians among you, there are many game-related statistics to bet on -- everything from final score to rushing yards to touchdowns thrown to who will be named MVP.

Here's a look at some of the more intriguing prop bets you're likely to find for this year's game. 

Length of the anthem: The over/under on the national anthem is usually around two minutes. This year Pink is doing the honors and safe to say she's already pumped for it.

A little research goes a long way before placing your money for this bet. It's easy enough to pull out your stopwatches and Google past anthem performances to get a gauge. It probably also helps if you're a Pink fan who has a good feel for her style and if she likes to linger on those high notes. You're also likely to find sub prop bets like: will Pink forget a word in the anthem.

Will any players kneel? 

You would have been hard pressed to find this particular prop bet just two years ago, but it's a different time. It's worth noting no players knelt during the last Super Bowl soon after the issue came to national prominence, but that was also before President Donald Trump inflamed tensions with many NFL players. Speaking of Trump...

How many times will Trump's name be mentioned during the broadcast?

Trump hasn't picked a winner for the game, but given his friendship with Patriots' quarterback Tom Brady it's a safe bet you'll hear his name mentioned at least once during the game.

How often will injured Philadelphia QB Carson Wentz be shown on air?

Wentz was headed toward an MVP season before he was derailed late in the season by injury. The cameras are sure to capture his emotions as the team he helped get to the Super Bowl plays the biggest game of the year without him.

How many times will Gisele Bundchen be shown during the broadcast?

The supermodel, and Brady's wife, has gotten her fair share of TV time while rooting on her husband during his previous Super Bowl appearances. Odds say the trend will continue.

If the Patriots win, will Brady, coach Bill Belichick, or owner Robert Kraft be seen shaking NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell's hand on TV?

Anyone familiar with the term "Deflategate" knows why this bet is of particular interest.

Will there be any R-rated scandals during the halftime show?

Following his last nipple-bearing appearance involving Janet Jackson, Justin Timberlake has promised this time to be on his best behavior.

Will there be a surprise NSYNC reunion at the half-time show?

Beyonce got the girls back together for Super Bowl XLVII in 2013 when she was joined by Destiny's Child. Some are wondering if Timberlake is planning a similar surprise reunion.

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