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Mudslide Death Toll Likely to Rise



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    Tom Moff with Snohomish County looks down at the Stillaguamish River as it maintains a low but steady flow off of Whitman Road on Highway 530 on Sunday, March 23, 2014, the day after a giant landslide occurred near mile marker 37 near Oso, Washington. At least six homes have been washed away, with three people reported dead so far and at least eighteen missing. The nearby Stillaguamish River has been dammed up by 15-20 feet of debris as a result, creating more flooding concerns, as reported by KING 5 via the state hydrologist.

    A task force of rescue experts arrived in Washington on Tuesday to help look for more survivors following the massive mudslide in Washington that has killed at least 14 people. Snohomish County's fire chief said that authorities are chasing down 176 reports of people missing and the death toll is likely to rise, NBC News reported. The Federal Emergency Management Agency requested 18 California firefighters with specialist training in urban rescue to join the effort after President Barack Obama declared a state of emergency. Although officials have battled dangerous quicksand-like conditions at the mile-square debris field, no survivors have been spotted since Saturday. Officials cautioned that many of the reports of people missing would turn out to be false alarms.

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