Poll: 33% Break Up on Facebook

About a third of adults won't even break up in person, but will use Facebook or other electronic means, according to a recent poll.

Lab42, known for its infographics, polled 500 adult social network users in "The Relationship Status Update" and found that 33 percent had broken up with a significant other over Facebook, by email or by text. Furthermore, 40 percent of respondents said they would do so in the future. While the vast majority said they did not and would not, it made us think that people have found a way to avoid almost all the confrontation and messiness involved with a break-up.

“Breaking up on Facebook is easier and quicker,” Jessica Glinski, 18, of Ridgewood, Queens, told the New York Daily News. “It’s like taking off a Band-Aid — fast and painless.”

The news wasn't surprising for Wilson Sanchez, 22, a lifeguard from Spanish Harlem. "So much of our lives are online, why wouldn’t break-ups be too?” he said.

The poll also stated that 52 percent of respondents changed their relationship status on Facebook immediately after a break-up.

However, 42 percent would still ask someone out in person -- with only 24 percent asking for a date on Facebook. So we think there may still be hope for the future of mankind.

The infographic went on to say that if users met someone interesting the majority of them (57 percent) would friend him or her on Facebook. Another 26 percent would Google the person, 29 percent would research the new love interest on social networks, 11 percent would follow the person on Twitter. Seventeen percent said they would do none of these things, while 1 percent responded "Other." Perhaps that means cruising by the person's house at night? Calling and then hanging up?

The poll and infographic tells us that Facebook has become a part of dating, which shows us how integrated the social network is in many of our lives. 

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