5 Students Reportedly Sickened by Pot Brownies

Five students at a San Diego-area high school fell ill Friday after they reportedly ate marijuana-laced brownies, the San Diego Unified School District told NBC 7.

Students say they saw a girl vomit during lunch and another appeared to be hallucinating at Crawford Senior High School in the El Cerrito neighborhood.

The principal called 911, and five students were taken to the hospital. They were all released Friday evening.

While there were no serious injuries, the school's principal is using the opportunity to share a serious message.

He wrote a letter home to parents that encouraged them to talk to their kids about not sharing food.

"Unfortunately, drugs come in different forms and formats, and there is also the concern about allergens," the letter said in part.

One student told NBC 7 he already had a similiar conversation with his mother. 

"Well she tells me never take stuff from people that you don't know or you don't trust period," he said, "because it can have, like, medical marijuana in it or just marijuana period, and it can damage your body."

SDUSD police are investigating to confirm of the brownies, indeed, contained marijuana and where they came from.

The principal said "proper actions will be taken" and administrators take the health and safety of their students very seriously.

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