Not Impressed: 50 Cent Compares Jay-Z's ‘4:44' to ‘Golf Course Music'

Jay-Z's latest album "4:44" may have gone platinum in less than a week, but it didn't exactly win 50 Cent over.

Instead, he likened his colleague's newest raps to "golf course music."

"I thought the s--t was aight, you know what I'm sayin'? I liked the s--t. But I'ma keep it 100: The s--t was a little, the s--t was too smart," he said in a since-deleted Instagram video, according to Variety. "I felt like I was supposed to be wearing glasses and s--t, and tie a f--king sweater around my waist. It was like Ivy League s--t."

"I ain't gon' hold you up," the "Candy Shop" star continued. "Some of that s--t was like golf course music."

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50 Cent may have changed his mind as the video has since been deleted from his Instagram account. Instead, the Grammy winner has shifted his focus from "4:44" to July 6--his birthday. 50 Cent rang in his 41st year on Thursday.

Last month, Jay-Z gave 50 Cent a shoutout on Twitter as he listed off all the people that inspired him after he became the first rapper to be inducted into the Songwriter's Hall of Fame.

As Jay-Z tweeted at the time, "Salute to anybody who made a song to feed their family or just vent."

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