CDC: 84M Americans Battled Swine Flu

CDC report states infection rate is declining

Chances are, someone you know caught the swine flu, but the worst may be over.

A new report from the CDC states that the N1H1 virus afflicted at least 57 million and as many as 84 million Americans since its initial outbreak last April in Mexico. That number represents roughly a quarter of all Americans, and the findings only chronicles data collected through mid-January.

On top of the 57 million infections, N1H1 was responsible for 257,000 hospitalizations and 11,690 deaths.

The agency said it appears the worst is over. The latest figures show that the bug's blitzkrieg through America is losing steam. According to the CDC, new cases have dropped and we are experiencing "generally low flu activity in the United States." The pandemic reached its apex in terms of new cases last October.

The report shows that the pandemic has disproportionately targeted children and young adults. While seniors usually account for the vast majority of flu victims, they have only contracted 10 percent of all recorded N1H1 cases.

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