911 Tapes Paint Terrifying Picture of Machete Attack

A 30-year-old Broad Brook resident is accused of attacking another man with a machete outside the victim's home.

Calls to 911 reveal the frantic scene after a bizarre attack involving a machete sent one man to the hospital in Connecticut over the weekend.

Terror in the callers' voices is evident in the recordings from Saturday night, when 30-year-old Zchacorey Pouncey, of Broad Brook, allegedly attacked another man with a machete outside the victim’s home on Abbe Road. The victim’s girlfriend called 911.

"I have a head injury. We got somebody running there’s (expletive) blood all over the place. We just need somebody here right now," the woman told the dispatcher.

She then handed the phone to her boyfriend, who had been cut with the machete.

"She went out. Came home with her cousin’s boyfriend. I’ve got the machete right now that this dude tried to chop me up with," the victim said in the call.

"OK, is the person with the machete still there?" the dispatcher asked.

"I took the machete from him. He (expletive) tried to kill me," the victim replied.

Police said the man fought back against the suspect but won’t be charged because he was acting in self-defense.

"I don’t even know if he’s all right. You guys may have to look for him," he told the dispatcher.

Neighbors found Pouncey lying on their porch, bleeding heavily from a head wound. Pouncey was taken to the hospital and later arrested and charged with assault, breach of peace and carrying a dangerous weapon.

"The house is a mess. There’s pure blood in here. Nobody died or nothing like that, but yeah, he came home and tried to kill me," the victim repeated on the 911 call.

Police still don’t have a motive but said Pouncey was intoxicated.

Pouncey also faces charges for allegedly starting a fight and breaking the window of the German Club in Broad Brook.

Employees said they kicked Pouncey out after he appeared to become intoxicated and start a fight. Upon being locked out of the club, police said Pouncey used the machete to break a window.

East Windsor police said they plan to charge him with criminal mischief and disorderly conduct.

Information on an attorney for Pouncey was not immediately available.

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