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Decision 2016

Decision 2016

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Trump's Flip-Flops Exposed, But Rivals Still Vow to Back Him



    During Thursday's Republican debate, both Donald Trump's rivals and the debate moderators for Fox News clearly laid out a case based on facts that the billionaire's policies were unworkable; that he regularly shifted his positions; and that he had engaged in business practices he routinely denounces on the campaign trail.

    Trump, in turn, bragged about the size of his penis and promised to force Americans to commit war crimes. Yet, he remains the favorite to win the Republican nomination.

    There's not much more anyone can do, but wait for the voters to weigh in on Trump, who has so far thrived while being caught telling blatant lies and making bigoted and misogynist statements that would instantly destroy a different candidate.

    It is possible the attacks will reach critical mass before March 15, when wins in Ohio and Florida would likely secure him the nomination, or maybe his fans will see his bullying and obscene retorts as an appealing sign of strength like they have to this point.