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‘Heartbroken’ Man Offers Engagement Ring on Facebook, and the Gesture Is Getting Lots of Love

"I’ll send it anywhere in the US where someone is head-over-heels," he wrote



    Free Ring Turning Heartbreak Into Hope

    A self-described hopeless romantic is offering the engagement ring he purchased for his intended lover just before she broke up with him. WAVY's Laura Caso reports. (Published Friday, March 9, 2018)

    People are getting emotional about a heartbroken man’s thoughtful gesture on Facebook.

    The man posted a message earlier this week titled “FREE ENGAGEMENT RING – READ AND SHARE.”

    In the early morning post, Steven Crocker explains that he has an engagement ring he bought but never got to use. “No need to give a backstory,” he wrote, “but I am still heartbroken about it.”

    “I’ve thought about this a lot and obviously by the timestamp of this post you can tell it has kept me up at night.”

    The Virginia Beach man said he bought the 14-karat, white gold ring for $1,700 and wants to give it away to someone who is in love but can’t afford a band for their partner.

    “I’ll send it anywhere in the U.S. where someone is head-over-heels,” he wrote, asking those who are interested to email him a video explaining why they deserve it.

    “It’s not the fanciest ring in the world but it can potentially make someone very happy for the rest of their life.”

    He said he has no ill-will towards his ex, and that she “is a phenomenal person and doesn’t deserve anything bad to be said about her.”

    “Life happens. It’s okay. This gesture is bigger than her or me.”

    The responses to his post were overwhelmingly positive, with one woman saying, “You have restored my faith in humanity,” and another woman writing, “You’re an awesome human.”

    Some people suggested couples they knew who would be good candidates for the ring, while others shared their own stories of love and hardship.

    One woman from Puerto Rico said she’d been married for 30 years but she and her husband never had any rings to express their love. A Texas man said he and his girlfriend “don’t have much” and that he would like the ring so he can marry her.

    A woman from Georgia said she's 57 years old and never found love. She said she planned to marry herself “because I have learned to love myself.” Another woman said she’d been married 50 years but never had a ring; “Now at 68, I’d like a nice engagement ring!” she wrote.

    One woman, whose response got the most likes, had an entirely different suggestion: “My advice – Hold on to the ring. You will find your soulmate one day. Don’t give up hope.”

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