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San Diego Bars Receive Hateful Letters



    Hillcrest Bars Recieve Hateful Letters: Owner

    Just days before pride celebrations in the Hillcrest neighborhood, two bars on University Avenue have received letters that one of the bars is calling hateful. NBC 7's Candice Nguyen reports. (Published Thursday, July 10, 2014)

    Just days before pride celebrations in San Diego's Hillcrest neighborhood kick off, two bars have received letters that one of the bar's owners is calling hateful because of its anti-gay message.

    Flicks San Diego Gay Bar & Video Bar and Baja Betty’s  on University Avenue received the letters. San Diego police are investigating and are not classifying it as a hate crime.

    The letter, sent to the bars over the past couple weeks, is 15-pages long, much of it handwritten and signed by a man named “Ed.”

    The letter compares the LGBT community to pedophiles, child molesters and rapists. Eddie Reynoso, Baja Betty’s marketing manager, said he didn’t think much of the letter when he first opened it until he realized it wasn’t an isolated occurrence.

    That’s when Reynoso heard Micky’s, a gay club in West Hollywood, also received the letter signed by “Ed.”

    "He wishes bad business upon the business and death upon the owners," Reynoso said.

    The author doesn't make any specific threats against the businesses or staff, but San Diego police still took a report on the incident, but did not refer it to the FBI as a hate crime.

    "We work closely with all our law enforcement partners on alleged hate,” said San Diego police Lt. Kevin Mayer. “The Department investigates and handles most local crimes involving such offenses." 

    While the letters are disappointing, Reynoso said he's confident they won't rain on the upcoming parade.

    "We've come a long way and this is a mindset 45 years old," he said.

    The Pride of Hillcrest Block Party and Pride Parade are July 18 and July 19, respectivel. The celebrations in the uptown neighborhood draw thousands.