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Increase in Passengers Causing Delays in Air Travel

The TSA says staffing issues are contributing to delays



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    A sign for TSA Pre sign stands next to a security area at John F. Kennedy International Airport. The TSA says travelers are experiencing longer lines at airports across the country due to an increase in travelers and fewer workers.

    The Transportation Security Administration says passengers are being forced to deal with longer lines at some of the country’s biggest airports, NBC News reported.

    The TSA says delays are due to an increase in travelers. This spring, 140 million people are expected to travel. Travel has jumped 7 percent nationwide over the last year, according to the TSA.

    Staffing is also a problem. The TSA says it’s at its lowest staffing level in five years. It’s training 192 officers each week to try to staff up.

    Travelers are being told to brace for a “very intense summer,” with the TSA warning people to get to the airport very early.