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Colorado Pot Candy Found in Texas: Cops



    Marijuana Found in Colorado Sweet Treats

    Police in Corinth say the drug war in North Texas is no longer just a concern along the Texas border with Mexico, but now includes Colorado where it's legal to purchase marijuana. (Published Friday, Feb. 14, 2014)

    Marijuana is now legal in the states of Washington and Colorado but it’s clear that marijuana in all its forms won’t be contained by borders.

    Indeed the new battle in Texas in the war on drugs is not along its southern border with Mexico, but simply keeping it from crossing state lines from places where it’s already legal.

    Investigators in Corinth said they recently discovered flavored sodas, Gummy Bears, taffy, hard candy and other edibles, all containing highly-potent marijuana manufactured in Denver and brought to North Texas.

    “These items were found on the street and, as you can see, they clearly look like something you would buy at your grocery store,” said Lt. Jimmie Gregg, of the Corinth Police Department.

    Each item contained between 25 and 100 milligrams of THC, the chemical component that produces a high when marijuana is ingested.

    “They are probably a little more potent than one or two joints you may see a marijuana user using at the time,” said Gregg.

    Investigators are already trolling social media sites used by kids to see if there is a buzz or demand for the marijuana edibles locally.

    The concern is that with the candies and flavors, it’s kids who’ll be targeted as primary customers with sweet treats that they could eat or drink in front of a parent, teacher or cop and no one would suspect a thing.

    “You’re not looking for it,” said Gregg. “We have to be more cognizant of and recognize and take action. Like you say, 'Catch up to the game.'"