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Girlfriend Says 'Yes' to Marriage Proposal During Boyfriend's Arrest

"It's not everyday you get asked to let a marriage proposal happen after making an arrest on the soon-to-be groom," Muskogee police said



    Oklahoma Man Proposes To Girlfriend During Arrest

    Police body cam video shows a handcuffed Oklahoma man getting down on one knee to propose to his girlfriend as he's being arrested. Brandon Thompson's soon-to-be-bride said "Yes!" (Published Friday, July 7, 2017)

    An Oklahoma man was set on proposing to his girlfriend on the Fourth of July, and nothing, not even a set of handcuffs, was going to derail those plans.

    Brandon Thompson was celebrating his 35th birthday, which happens to fall on July 4, when Muskogee police officers arrived to arrest him on six felony warrants.

    Police bodycam video of the arrest shows Thompson walking out of a house with his hands in the air, followed by several family members and kids. After an officer handcuffs him, Thompson asks the officer if he could have a moment to propose to his girlfriend before he is taken to jail.

    "When the other officer told me he was gonna propose I think my initial response was, are you kidding me?" Muskogee Police Department spokesman Lincoln Anderson told

    Fake Police Standoff Ends in Marriage Proposal

    [NATL-NY] Fake Police Standoff Ends in Marriage Proposal

    A Friday night arrest turned out to be a life-changing event for a young Mobile, Alabama, couple, but not in the way you'd expect.

    Shawna Blackmon was waiting for her boyfriend, Daiwon McPherson, to pick her up for a date when she received a phone call telling her he'd been pulled over by police. She knew McPherson was armed, and raced to the scene.

    All she could think about was one thing.

    "Me getting out and seeing that I felt like I can fix this, let me try to fix this and let me calm the situation down and let it work," McPherson said.

    She quickly ran to McPherson's side, telling the officers not to shoot.

    That's when things changed in the blink of an eye. McPherson dropped to one knee and proposed.

    The Mobile Police Department had been in on the plan the whole time. The officers used unloaded stun guns during the prank.

    Blackmon described it as the "perfect" proposal, though many who saw the video felt differently. Some posted on social media that there was nothing funny nor romantic about a staged police confrontation.

    McPherson apologized to anyone who took his proposal the wrong way.

    (Published Wednesday, Dec. 14, 2016)

    The Muskogee officers agreed and Thomas, while in handcuffs, asked Leandria Keith for her hand in marriage.

    "Oh my gosh is he serious? But I knew I was gonna say yes. Like I love him a lot. We go through our ups and downs. I guess it's like an unconditional love, you know?" the bride-to-be told

    Bodycam video of the proposal was posted to the Muskogee Police Department Facebook page late July 4, and by Friday morning had been viewed over 11,000 times.

    "It's not everyday you get asked to let a marriage proposal happen after making an arrest on the soon-to-be groom. But it happened!" the Muskogee Police Department wrote on Facebook.

    Anderson said he hopes the officers' actions demonstrate that police aren’t uncaring and just out to make arrests.

    Thompson's arrest is related to charges including possession of a firearm after a felony conviction, possession of a controlled dangerous substance and failure to appear in court, according to court documents.