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Oregon Occupiers Left Feces, Dug Near Artifacts Sites: Feds



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    Ammon Bundy, left, approaches an FBI gate at the Burns Municipal Airport in Oregon on Friday, Jan. 22, 2016. Bundy led an armed group in occupying a national wildlife refuge to protest federal land policies.

    Investors are combing over a wildlife refuge in Oregon, which was recently occupied by protestors until Feb. 11, and has turned up human waste, rotting food, firearms and explosives, prompting federal prosecutors to express concern over the land that could contain Native American artifacts, NBC News reported.

    Trenches were also dug at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge that is considered "a particularly sensitive cultural site," according to U.S. Assistant Attorneys Ethan Knight and Geoffrey Barrow. The FBI is concerned that some of the buildings or vehicles may be booby-trapped, prosectors said in court documents.

    Ammon Bundy — a rancher who led the armed occupation of the refuge on Jan. 2. — in statement released by his attorneys Wednesday claimed that, when he was there, the occupiers cleaned up some buildings.