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Protest Fatigue: Have Weeks of Protests Made an Impact?



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    People march near the White House during the People’s Climate Movement in Washington, D.C., April 29, 2017, to protest President Donald Trump’s attack on the climate and the Environmental Protection Agency.

    Have weekend after weekend of protests really made a difference?

    A Pew Research survey published Thursday found that roughly half of Americans (48 percent) said they supported the goals of April's March for Science, for instance. But the country is sharply divided along party lines as to whether the demonstration would actually help the cause.

    More than half of Democrats and liberal-leaning voters surveyed (61 percent) said they believed the march would "increase public support of science." But nearly the exact same number of Republicans and conservative-leaning participants surveyed (60 percent) said the demonstration would make no difference.

    Less than 4 percent of participants Heaney surveyed at Inauguration Day demonstrations, the Women's March, the March for Science identified as Republican or "Independent who leans Republican."