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Winter Olympics Sochi 2014

Winter Olympics Sochi 2014

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Ralph Lauren Olympic Cardigans Selling on eBay for $3K

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    Despite its steep price tag, Ralph Lauren's Ceremony Cardigan for Team USA has already sold out on its Olympic online store.

    But fear not. Olympic fans who are desperate to don the team's official uniform can still find it on eBay, where the cardigan is going for a whopping $3,000. If the bidding for that particular cardigan is over, there is still one bid at $1525 and one at $1600, as of Friday night.

    The cardigan, which retails for $395 online, features a patchwork of stars, stripes, Olympic rings and a Team USA logo. The American athletes were a sea of red, white and blue as the whole team wore it at the Opening Ceremony on Friday night.

    The merchandise is clearly selling well, and the price of the Olympic garb is in line with other RL prices, according to Buinessweek.com. The cardigan is not the only item that flew off the shelf: a men's peacoat, which retails for $795, is also gone.

    "In the coming weeks, our brands will enjoy extraordinary global visibility," Chief Operating Officer Jackwyn Nemerov told Businessweek on a conference call this week.

    The uniforms are manufactured domestically, which is notable in the wake of the controversy over the Team USA outfits for the London Games. Ralph Lauren was heavily criticized for outsourcing the 2012 outfits to China, but the USOC said at the time was too late to change the outfits ahead of the London Games. Instead, they agreed to let Ralph Lauren manufacture the Sochi Games' uniforms domestically. This is the fourth time the designer outfitted the the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic teams.