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Filner’s Resignation: What Happens Next?

Filner's last day in office is August 30



    Now that embattled Mayor Bob Filner has announced his resignation, what happens next?

    San Diego City Attorney Jan Goldsmith said Filner will officially leave the mayoral office on Aug. 30 at 5 p.m.

    In the meantime, one of the first priorities is to schedule a special election. The City Clerk will establish a timeline for the election. By Monday, the City Clerk will address the legal requirements.

    After that, San Diego City Council President Todd Gloria will work with the City Council to call for a special election.

    According to Goldsmith, council must call for a special election within 90 days.

    If no candidate gets the majority of the votes, a run-off election will be held.

    In the meantime, City Council President Gloria will fulfill duties of the mayor. Council President Pro Tem Sherri Lightner will lead council meetings in place of Gloria during this period.

    Gloria will take on limited executive duties, and will have authority to supervise the staffers remaining in the mayor’s office.

    Furthermore, Goldsmith says Gloria will retain his rights as a member of the San Diego City Council and can’t veto over council actions.

    Interim leadership will also include maintaining essential city services and making sure that the things that are sitting on the mayor’s desk get done.

    NBC 7 spoke with Gloria on Friday about the possibility of him running for mayor. Gloria didn’t rule it out, but said the decision is a big one that he will have to thoroughly think about and discuss with his family.

    “Well, I’m checking with my family, making some difficult decisions. This has only been going on for six weeks. No one would’ve thought this was possible, including myself, so before making a very large decision, I’m going to make sure it’s the right decision for San Diego,” said Gloria. “But, right now, again, my most important duties are to continue as council president and prepare to become interim mayor.”

    Meanwhile, Nathan Fletcher and Tobiah Pettus have officially filed paperwork in order to run for the position of San Diego mayor. In a written statement, Carl DeMaio says he too is considering a run.

    On Saturday, DeMaio released the following statement:

    “Countless San Diegans have reached out to my office to share their thoughts and hopes for moving San Diego forward – and I want them all to know I am listening. San Diegans want a Mayor with integrity who offers a sincere and consistent vision and can bring people together to get things done. It’s time for leadership at City Hall that San Diegans can be proud of again.”