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New Underwater Footage: Moments Before Shark Breaches Cage in Viral Video

After a heart-pounding video of a shark bursting into a cage while the diver is inside went viral, the diver who lived to tell the tale released footage of the moments before the breach Tuesday, Oct. 18, 2016. (Published Tuesday, Oct. 18, 2016)

If you've been on social media the past few days, you've probably seen an insane clip of footage where a great white shark bursts into a shark cage, breaches through the top, and then the rest of the crew on the ship belatedly realizes there is a diver in the cage.

There's a brief moment of panic in the pit of the viewer's stomach, when you may have asked yourself: "Oh God, is the diver OK?"

Now the diver has released new underwater footage moments before the harrowing ordeal.

The entire experience near Guadalupe Island in Mexico on was captured on camera as the shark, which closes its eyes when biting down on chunks of tuna, becomes disoriented and is unable to swim backward. It bursts through the metal cage.

A crew member, thinking quickly, opened the door on top of the cage, and the shark, a bit bloody, was able to escape.

Then everyone realizes the diver, Chan Ming, was still in the cage.

He told NBC4 he was not afraid -- because there was no time to be afraid.

Ming released the new footage, showing the shark circling around the cage prior to the breach. Unfortunately, his camera wasn't rolling when the shark breached the cage, but he is alive and well enough to tell the tale.