A Parade of Bigfoots Will Lead the U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree

Well, here's a Halloween-meets-the-holidays combo we haven't yet met: Willow Creek is celebrating a famous local fir with an offbeat bash.

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What to Know

  • Saturday, Oct. 30, 10 a.m. to noon in Willow Creek
  • Free to see
  • The stately fir, which hails from the forested, Bigfoot-famous area, will pass through the charming town on its way to Washington D.C.

LOCAL PRIDE ON DISPLAY: Any time a town, burg, or city has ties with a national seasonal icon, a stately symbol that will go on display in Washington D.C. over several celebratory weeks, you can bet that people in that place will be utterly thrilled, super-excited, and ready to show off what they're well-known for as the eyes of the country turn in their direction. And eyes shall soon turn to beautiful Willow Creek, a Northern California village that's beloved for its quaint setting, lush forests, and a certain figure who is said to amble through those forests: Bigfoot. The hamlet and the hirsute superstar are so associated in many minds that a quirky parade is thrown in tribute to the character each summer, with residents and visitors costuming-up in the icon's honor.

BUT HOW TO PROPERLY GREET... the newest U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree, a gorgeous, sky-high specimen found in the densely wooded Six Rivers National Forest, which is also home to Willow Creek? In the whimsical way that creative Willow Creekers know best: By dressing up as the world-renowned local legend and leading the 2021 U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree, with joy and pride, through their picturesque town. That this Bigfoot Parade is set to happen on the Saturday before Halloween adds further festive flair to the momentous occasion, which will be complemented by decorated storefronts throughout town, pumpkin carving, and stirring speeches, too.

TO FOLLOW THE TREE'S... country-spanning journey to the capital, to learn more about the wondrous Six Rivers National Forest, and to check in with one of the Golden State's most merry municipalities, visit the Willow Creek Chamber of Commerce and U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree sites now. The traveling tree will arrive on the U.S. Capitol's west lawn on Nov. 19, surely with some memorable tales to tell.

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