Aaron Sorkin Signs on to Steve Jobs Biopic

Last November, Sony Pictures approached Aaron Sorkin and asked him to write the screenplay for a biopic on Steve Jobs.

"The Social Network" screenwriter said at the time that he was "strongly considering" turning Walter Isaacson's authorized biography into a movie.

This week he is officially on board with the project.

Sorkin said last year he needed to weigh out his options before agreeing to write the movie because it was such a large project and at the time he was still reading Isaacson's book.

Sorkin won the Oscar for the screenplay he wrote "The Social Network," which was based on Mark Zuckerberg's launching of Facebook.

He has also developed a track record of taking Bay Area-based projects. In addition to "The Social Network," Sorkin also adapted the screenplay for "Moneyball," a story about Oakland Athletics' General Manager Billy Beane.

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