New York

Acid Attack Survivor From India Walks Runway in New York Fashion Week

Qureshi has become a spokesperson on her Youtube Channel as a vocal opponent against the easy access to acid in India

Reshma Bano Qureshi, who in 2014 survived a brutal acid attack from her brother-in-law as she attempted to shield her sister from an assault was so badly disfigured she lost an eye and much of her face was left scarred.  

But the 19-year-old from Mumbai, India not only survived the attack, but two years later has traveled from her home in India to participate in New York Fashion Week where she triumphantly walked the runway. Qureshi has gone on to become a spokesperson on her Youtube Channel where she not only talks about achieving "perfect red lips" during makeup tutorials, but also serves as a vocal opponent to campaign against the easy sale of acid in India. Her Youtube videos under the hastag #EndAcidSale, has attracted a massive following.

"You'll find red lipstick as easily as you find acid. This is why everyday a girl becomes a victim of an acid attack. So help enforce the ban on the open sale of acid," she says.

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