After Dispatcher Hangs Up on 911 Call, Experts Note Training Practices

 An investigation into the Alburquerque dispatcher who allegedly hung up on a 911 caller has brought up the importance training practices when it comes to important emergency job.

"You have to be the one to provide assistance in a calm, cool and professional way," Chris Carver, an operations director for the National Emergency Number Association, told NBC News.

Dispatchers have to handle difficult situations and it's critical to not become emotionally involved in what's happening on the other end, Carver said. 

While training on policy, technology, and operations is integral for the job, hiring the right people can sometimes be more important than the training, Carver notes.

"The unfortunate truth is that for the vast majority, the amount of training required [for dispatchers] is no where near being close to what you need to cut hair," Carver said. "That requires much more training."

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