Kobe Bryant

After Kobe Bryant Merchandise Sells Out, Nike Evaluating How to Handle Future Sales

Nike’s decision to not restock Bryant’s products at this time is a show of respect, one consumer analyst said.

Kobe Bryant’s Nike collection sold out after the basketball star died in a helicopter crash on Sunday, and now the athletic company is figuring out its strategy for future new releases, according to NBC News.

The site where fans could buy Kobe Bryant’s shoes, jerseys, shirts and gear has now been turned into a memorial page for the Los Angeles Lakers star. A Nike spokesperson told NBC News that reports that it pulled Bryant’s products in the wake of the tragedy are incorrect, and that the company is assessing how to handle future releases.

"We extend our deepest sympathies to those closest to Kobe, especially his family and friends," Nike said in a statement. "He was one of the greatest athletes of his generation and has had an immeasurable impact on the world of sports and the community of basketball. He was a beloved member of the Nike family. We will miss him greatly. Mamba forever."

A search for Bryant on the site now yields one result: a purple and gold Lakers gift card.

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