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Alexander Skarsgård Dresses in Drag and Walks the Red Carpet at ‘Diary of a Teenage Girl' Premiere

Alexander Skarsgård made his most memorable red carpet appearance to date Monday night when he dressed in drag and posed for photographers at the "Diary of a Teenage Girl" premiere in San Francisco. Skarsgård gave serious Farrah Fawcett vibes with his feathered wig, and he wore a floor-length gold dress that was cinched at the waist. He posed with Bel Powley and director Marielle Heller.

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Bel Powley (l.), Alexander Skarsgard and director Marielle Heller

It's unclear why Skarsgård decided to dress in drag, but it's suspected his look may have been a nod to his co-star Joshua Grannell, a drag performer named Peaches Christ who plays a transvestite in the film. Skarsgård, who stands tall at 6-foot-4, previously played a transvestite in the 2006 Swedish film "Kill Your Darlings."

In "Diary of a Teenage Girl," based on Phoebe Gloeckner's graphic novel set in 1976, Skarsgård plays Monroe, a 35-year-old man who is dating Chloe (Kristen Wiig) and later begins an affair with her 15-year-old daughter Minnie (Powley).

The comedy-drama also stars Austin Lyon and Christopher Meloni.

The Sony Pictures Classics film is in limited release beginning Friday.

Skarsgård tells Glamour U.K. he "definitely" didn't have any reservations about the role. "That's what got me excited about it, the fact that I saw it as an interesting challenge–to make a character that could have just as easily been a villain or too predatory...How can you make this–and without condoning what he does, because he is 35 and ultimately responsible for this–but it's not going to be interesting if you carry on playing that note over and over and I think that got me excited when I read it. [I thought], 'How can we find moments where he's not in control or where he is confused and find moments that are beautiful and real where he might be the teenage boy and she is the mature woman?'"

Powley agrees, as she liked "portraying a real relationship with a power struggle where the balance isn't always equal between them." Furthermore, she said, "It was just exciting to be able to play a teenage girl and her sexuality without judging it in a really honest way, because I don't think a lot of films show female sexuality in that kind of way."

"That got me excited too, like the premise of it," Skarsgård, 38, tells the magazine of the risque material. "I was thinking, 'I haven't seen this before.' You see it from a young boy's point of view, a coming-of-age story where they're exploring their sexuality...If a teenage girl ever talks about sex or is having sex with someone who is not her boyfriend in a movie, it won't be the protagonist of the story, it's always like the slutty friend and something will happen to her later or she'll be punished for that and she'll learn and she'll grow and she'll realize that, you know, 'avoid sex and wait until you're married.' So the moral is: if you're a teenage girl are you just supposed to sit and wait and dream about that house with a white picket fence with a husband or kids? I don't think that represents how a lot of young girls feel. They are just as confused as young boys are and are sexually frustrated and think they're weird and are thinking, 'What's going on?' It doesn't feel didactic; it's not like a preachy movie like, 'This is a strong message for young girls.' It's still a very intimate beautiful story that is weird and funny but, yeah, it just meant a lot."

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