Amazon Mocks Apple's iPad Mini

Amazon mocked Apple's new iPad Mini on its website, calling its Kindle Fire "Much More for Much Less."

Amazon compare the iPad Mini to the Kindle Fire, and also uses a quote from Gizmodo which reads:

" . . . your [Apple's] 7.9-inch tablet has far fewer pixels than the competing 7-inch tablets! You’re cramming a worse screen in there, charging more, and accusing others of compromise? Ballsy.”

Among other things, Amazon points out the Kindle Fire's 216 pixels-per-square-inch and dual speakers, a comparison that's more favorable than the iPad Mini's mono speaker and 163 pixels-per-square-inch display. But the biggest different is the $199 price for the Kindle Fire versus the iPad Mini's $329.

While it may seem a bit brash to toot your own horn so loudly, Amazon has a point. Its Kindle Fire is a decent tablet for a reasonable price and it will take a while for Apple to compete with it.

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