Amazon Starts Wearable Tech Storefront

Amazon apparently has looked around and decided it's time for a new digital storefront for the scores of wearable tech called Wearable Technology.

The digital storefront is just a subsection of its e-commerce site, but one that highlights wearable devices for health and fitness, wearable cameras, smart watches and apparently wearable tech for babies, according to TechCrunch. (The wearable tech for babies includes a baby movement monitor clipped onto a baby's diaper.)

The storefront also has an Editor's Corner which highlights gadgets that convert body heat to energy (most are still in development), but serves more as a forward-looking blog courtesy of Gizmodo.

For most people, a look at Amazon seems to educate them about products and prices, so it's a good idea for the e-commerce site. We think it's primarily going to be more for people wanting smartphone accessories such as earbuds or speakers, or for the latest health and fitness tracker. However, once the market gets more complicated and inundated with gadgets, Amazon already has the infrastructure in place.

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