AnchorFree Founder Wants Silicon Valley to Spend Less Time on Apps to Help Improve World

David Gorodyanski believes that Silicon Valley is wasting its brain power on silly apps and games instead of improving the world.

"I just wonder about the entrepreneurs that get up and say, 'I’m going to spend five years of my life building the next iPhone game,' instead of saying,'I’m going to be spending the next five years of my life getting clean drinking water to the next billion people,'" Gorodyanski, the chief executive and founder of virtual private network company AnchorFree, told Press:Here.  "We have some of the smartest brains here in Silicon Valley thinking how they’re going to sell us a virtual cow."

Instead, Gorodyanski said that entrepreneurs should think about how to better the lives of a billion people. AnchorFree delivers two things: Internet freedom and privacy, things that he said are considered basic human rights. "You can make a lot of money, run a profitable business and drive huge shareholder returns by making the world a better place," he said. 

AnchorFree, has already received $63 million in funding and is profitable. He also cites companies such as Twitter who have delivered communication to people who may not have had that platform before. Also, most of the world still uses feature phones, so those developers who work on a project for the next 5 billion people will be successful.

"The next 5 billion people should be what we are focusing on and not the laundry app," he said.

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