Country Bumpkins Use Android and Refined Urbanites Use Apple

Oh, Hunch, you love your infographics, don't you? Especially when they can highlight the differences between Android and iOS users and cause more division based on an arbitrary consumer decision.

Hunch surveyed a little more than 15,800 users and broke them up by platform then cross-referenced 80 million responses to create the information for the Column Five Media infographic. We're not sure about the accuracy of cross-referencing 80 million responses to 15,800 users, but here's what it seems to be saying.

Android Users: are more likely to be 18-34-year-old, introverted males with only a high school education, who live in the suburbs or a rural area, are politically conservative and make under $100,000 a year.

Apple/iOS Users: are more likely to be women older than 35, who are optimists, are politically liberal, urbanites, have a graduate degree  and make more than $200,000 a year.

The narrative is that Android users are young males who love cheesesteak, Comedy Central and "X-Men: First Class." The Apple users of course love tapas, BBC and the artsy "Another Earth."

The only problem I see is that I'm an Android user and I'm not male and not introverted. In fact, I much more resemble Hunch's Apple user -- but I've never owned an Apple or iOS device. The only real similarities I have with Hunch's Android user are that I prefer my art to be pop surrealism and I'm a PC user.

Android users are now the majority of all smartphone consumers, so they will likely be more diverse as their numbers grow. We would hope that Apple users are more than caricatures of urban hipsters and New Agey Baby Boomers.

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