Android's Ice Cream to Come with Photo Editor

Android's latest version of its operating system will come with a built-in photo editor and 19 different photo effects, reports said.

Android's new OS, dubbed Ice Cream Sandwich, will feature a new photo gallery with a built-in editor with 19 different photo effects ranging from the tired sepia to allowing doodles, according to a report from Android Police. The new operating system, Ice Cream Sandwich, will be unveiled Oct. 19 in Hong Kong, according to reports.

The Android Police site is careful to say that it's the information they have now and don't know if the final version will ship out with the leaked features.

While some say that Google is chasing after Apple, we're not so sure. We think that photo applications have become such a download staple that users now want those same features as built-ins. If we're correct, then that will be more built-in photo and group texting features to come.

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