Antarctic Penguin Waddles Ashore in New Zealand, 2,000 Miles From Home

“I did not notice any physical injury, but it was tired and hungry,” said Harry Singh, who found the bird

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An Antarctic penguin’s misadventure has seen it waddle ashore almost 2,000 miles from home.

The Adélie penguin, which is native to Antarctica, washed up on the coast of New Zealand on Wednesday.

The last sighting of an Adélie penguin was in 1993 and this is only the third time one of the birds has made it to New Zealand’s shores, according to an online encyclopedia of New Zealand birds, which says that one was found dead in 1962 and a live Adélie penguin was reportedly found in 1993.

Although the bird’s sex was not immediately determined, locals fondly named it “Pingu,” after the main character in a clay animated children’s TV series. 

The animal was checked out and fed by a wildlife center before being released Friday.

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