Apple Offers $10 Adapters to Battle Electrocution Controversy

Recent safety issues on counterfeit and third-party USB adapters for Apple products have cause the Cupertino, Calif. company to offer $10 "official unit" adapters in a replacement program.

Apple will start the program Aug. 9 in China and Aug. 16 in the United States, according to Apple. The company said that customer safety was a top priority and its products are widely tested -- all the sorts of things companies say in an apology that isn't an apology because of liability reasons. 

The replacement program will allow anyone who "feels uncomfortable" with their adapter to replace it with an Apple one for a unit for a discounted $10, according to 9to5Mac. Users have until Oct. 18 to trade their existing adapter for the Apple version. 
The controversy ignited last month when an Apple user reportedly died after being electrocuted by a counterfeit charger. Apple has worked to create a Web page to let users properly identify official Apple adapters. 
It's not a surprise to us that the program starts first in China, the place where much of the counterfeit Apple merchandise seems to be, and where the death of the woman was reported. Obviously Apple has to make its components readily available to protect itself against any potential lawsuits, but isn't $10 a decent price to give up a cheap adapter that might hurt you?
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