Apple Making Glasses for Privacy and Multiplayer Games

Apple has filed a patent for privacy glasses that would allow a user to see obscured confidential information on their iOS device -- and could be able to be used for 3-D games.

Previously, Apple has been working on security displays for its devices, but this time instead of the obscuring component on the device, Apple decided to make glasses so only the user could see important information, according to Patently Apple. That doesn't mean the glasses are prescription, but that they are electronic and can be used to "see" their private information.

If the glasses are electronic already, then what's to stop them from being 3-D and being used in multiplayer gaming? Well, nothing. The glasses make the user's view clear while obscuring it for others, so multiplayer games could easily blur out what a user should or shouldn't see during gameplay.

Patently Apple suggests that the glasses will be snap-ons, but if one doesn't wear glasses we think he or she will need a frame or risk looking dorky in electronic 3-D glasses. After some thought, we think Apple could easily start a fashion trend with sunglasses, perhaps with anti-glare protection, that are also privacy glasses. Think something akin to photochromic glass that transitions from day to night, but from sun to privacy or 3-D. We would love to see that at the Apple Store.

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