Apple Aids Unique Video/Stills App

Leave it to a YouTube celeb to develop an app that marries largely unscripted video clip with that scripted still photo -- all via an app on your iPhone -- and all for the purpose of quick-and-easy sharing across social networks.

And leave it to Apple to swoop in, ask "Why hasn't anyone done this before?" and offer some development help so they can boost it on iTunes, according to Silicon Alley Insider.

Voila: synergy.

Actually, it's called GLMPS and it emanates from Paul Robinett, he of millions of YouTube views and videos.

The app captures a few seconds of video before the still photo is snapped -- for example, the set-up time when everyone gets in a line for that "candid" shot in front of a Las Vegas fountain. The video can then be shared via Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and Tumblr. Each clip has its own URL.

GLMPS' display swaps the video and still shot:shows a larger version of either piece of media: that is, when the photo is dominantly displayed, there's a clickable inset of the video, and vice versa. 

GLMPS warranted some Apple and Facebook attention, according to SAI and Robinetti.

"Once (Apple) saw what we were up to, they decided to help us along during development because for them, it's ultimately all about selling phones. And how do you sell phones? With really great apps.

GLMPS is free on the App Store now.

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