Apple and Google Getting Along Now: Schmidt

Apple and Google now have a more cordial relationship, according to Google chairman Eric Schmidt

Apple and Google are no longer in an battle royale over wireless products and apps, but now has a somewhat cordial relationship, according to a Google executive. 

Google chairman Eric Schmidt told reported at the Allen and Co. meeting conference in Sun Valley, Idaho that the Apple/Google relationship has improved over the last year with "lots and lots" of meetings, according to Reuters. Schmidt was cagey about what those meetings were about, but said they have been having business discussions about a "long list of issues."
Schmidt once was on Apple's board of directors, but his job with Google and its relationship with the Android  platform made the position untenable and he resigned in 2009.
Apple and Google have since had some differences, notably when Apple dropped Google Maps from the iOS for its own app, the poorly executed Apple Maps. Google has also worked to create its own infrastructure, including dominating Internet search with its own products.
Schmidt's words weren't very different from what he said about Apple late last year, that Google is being run like a country and trades with other countries, such as Apple.
"I think both Tim [Cook] and Larry [Page,] the sort of successors to Steven Jobs and me if you will, have an understanding of this state model, " Schmidt told the Wall Street Journal. "When they and their teams meet, they have just a long list of things to talk about."
This means that Schmidt doesn't say much about their meetings or what their future may hold, but what he does say tends to get repeated.
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