Apple Apps Rule Tablets

Android isn't creating as many quality applications for tablets as Apple is, according to a recent study.
Canalys created a study that said that many of iPad's most popular iOS apps are not available on Android or not optimized for Android tablets, according to AllThingsD. In a look at the top 100 apps for iPad, 30 aren't available on the Android platform.
AllThingsD is quick to point out that 11 of the apps are Apple's own, such as GarageBand and iPhoto, but 19 others could easily be offered on both platforms but aren't. Those that are available on Android also aren't "optimized for tablet use."
Canalys analyst Tim Shepherd said, "Building high-quality app experiences for Android tablets has not been among many developers’ top priorities to date."
Recent reports show that Android handhelds and tablets are gaining in market share so this could change in the near future, but it still means apps are lacking in the present.
One such example is PopCap Games' Plants Vs. Zombies 2, the follow-up to the popular zombie-killing game, that is now only available on iOS. So far there's no word if PopCap Games will release an Android version.
Is this because developers make more money on iOS apps? Some say it's because Apple has also spent much more time and money attracting and keeping developers, while Google Play has not.
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