Apple Battles Google for TV Viewers

Apple has updated Apple TV by adding several new content apps from the Disney Channel, Vevo, the Weather Channel and Smithsonian just as Google launches its $35 Chromecast dongle for Apple's iOS platform. Does this mean the two are gearing for a bloody battle royale?

OK, perhaps that's a little premature, but it does seem a little too coincidental. With Redbox Instant, Netflix, YouTube, and possibly  HBO Go and Hulu Plus, the highly praised, video-streaming Chromecast is already solid competition, according to Mashable, especially when Apple's set-top box seems to be largely ignored compared to its iPhone and iPad. Google, on the other hand, has been pouring money into YouTube studio content and is in talks to purchase NFL's Sunday Ticket rights to beef up content.

Apple can't afford to let Apple TV remain on autopilot while Google is offering increasing content and diversity, so it may have to follow Google's example and invest in the product or let it go.

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