Apple CEO Tim Cook Loves to Answer Your Email

New Apple chief executive Tim Cook usually responds to email from the public within three days, and a few are saying he's trying hard to be accessible much like Steve Jobs -- but will that continue once the congratulations have died down? 

Cook's responses aren't long or drawn out, but are short acknowledgments of the content and sentiments, according to iDownloadBlog. (While Jobs' email address is still active and he is on the company's board of directors, it's unknown if he will be as responsive to his correspondence, MacRumors reported.) Cook is obviously following in Jobs' footsteps, but how much can someone emulate Jobs without being Jobs? That seems to be the most relevant question.

While MacRumors suggests that Cook may be in a honeymoon period, it may be judging Cook too harshly -- perhaps Cook is taking his role as the face of the company seriously and each response is a boon to public relations. To see if you get a response, write to Cook at

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