Apple Gets Patent for Health-Tracking Headphones

Apple seems to think that more people want to monitor their bodies more than ever, at least according to its latest patent for a headphone system that monitors one's health.

The new patent gives Apple a biometric headphone system that measures temperature, heart rate and sweat, according to AppleInsider. The new patent allows the headphones sensors to pick up moisture, temperature and other data. It will also have an accelerometer to measure movement, so the headphones wouldn't need a smartwatch.

The earphones will also be activated by head movements which will be able to switch music tracks, adjust volume or other features.The earbuds can also be wired or wireless.
Previously we wrote about how Apple was also wanting to measure vital signs to figure out a user's mental health. The pending patent from Apple hopes to establish a person's mood, as well as demographics, location and time, to deliver relevant information and, of course, ads. This headphone system would be a good fit for gauging a user's vital signs.
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