Apple Seeks Design Engineers at Arizona Plant

It seems that Apple is using its new Mesa, Ariz., plant to manufacture components for its iPhones and iPods and it needs design engineers, according to a report.

Arizona announced the Apple manufacturing plant in November, and sharp-eyed Web browsers saw that Apple has been looking for iPod/iPhone manufacturing engineers based in Mesa, Ariz., according to 9to5Mac.

The engineers will be focusing on how to efficiently guide the manufacturing process including surface finishing, glass processing and machines. Apple has advertised other positions at the Mesa facility on its corporate site.

We previously wrote about how Apple is partnering on the plant with GT Advanced Technologies which specializes in crystal growth equipment for consumer electronics. GT said it signed a $578 million deal with Apple to provide "sapphire material" which is used in watches and other electronics.

GT said it would pay back Apple in five years. This made many speculate that perhaps the plant was just that, a sapphire crystal facility.

The new job ads show that's not the case, especially when they mention iPhones or iPods.

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