Apple Product Rumors Spike

Rumors around the iPhone 4S 5 persisted for months before it was released. And it seems like only last week that Apple made that announcement. -- somehow disappointing some users with a leap forward in handheld technology.

Lest the rumor mill be left void of noise, iPad 3 "news" is picking up momentum.

All Things D reports that Apple has started production of its new tablet device, referred to as iPad 3 (though, iPad 2S, iPunked or iPreciate-what-you-get are also acceptable).

A financial analyst took a look at Apple's supply chain and foretells that fourth quarter tablet production should build to "between 12 and 14 million. And, importantly, that upward adjustment is due in part to an early iPad 3 production run."

iPad 2 was launched in March 2011. Apple seems to like such synergies. Expect Steve Jobs nostalgia -- and biography sales -- to spike right around then, too.

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