Apple iWatch to Debut This Fall

Apple will launch its first smartwatch in October, according to a Japanese report.
Variety, citing Japanese newspapers Nikkei, said that Apple will create around 4 million smartwatches per month -- which is a little ambitious considering that's more than all smartwatch sales in 2013.
Still, Apple's smartwatch, dubbed the iWatch, is likely to cause a stir. According to the report, the wearable computer will have an OLED touchscreen, capture health information such as calories or sleep, and let users still "access messages sent via smartphones," Variety said. The health information ties in with Apple's Healthkit introduced at Apple's 2014 Worldwide Developers Conference
Other tech companies, notably Apple rival Samsung, have come out with smartwatches, but only 5 million were sold in 2013. Although that number has been projected to triple this year, it's not clear if the market is ready for a glut of Apple's 48 million in 2015.
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