Apple IWatch Might Help Users Keep From Getting Sunburned

Apple may have its iWatch ready by September, according to reports, and may be able to help its users keep from getting sunburned.
AppleInsider is reporting that Apple suppliers are sending circuit boards to for a device coming out in September. Apparently these companies have all delivered "proofs" to Apple prior to production for a September release date, according to Asian sources. Also, the iWatch may have a UV exposure sensors built in to help users avoid sunburn or exposure.
"These chips measure UV exposure to aid those with elevated risk of sunburn or just a general concern about excessive sun exposure, and we believe they may be of appealing [sic] to OEMs looking to differentiate in a crowded market," wrote Barclays analyst Blayne Curtis in a note to investors.
The sensors hail from Austin, Texas, and will augment the iWatch's ability analyze other vital signs such as blood pressure and heartbeats. It seems as if Apple is willing to bet that people are willing to obsess about the minor changes in their bodies.
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