Apple Merging Multiple Apple IDs?

Apple may be working on a way to combine its multiple Apple user IDs, according to reports.

The report first came from MacRumors, which had a report that at least one customer questioning Apple CEO Tim Cook about needing multiple IDs -- for most users that's usually an original account and another for a MobileMe account. He received a quick response from a member of the Apple team. From the report: 

MacRumors reader Robert emailed Apple CEO Tim Cook about the issue, and quickly received a phone call from an Apple executive relations employee. She had spoken to the team responsible for Apple IDs and acknowledged that they understood the issue and that more people would run into the problem with iCloud. She also repeated that there is no way yet to combine accounts but revealed they are working on it. In the meantime, she recommended picking a single account to plan on keeping indefinitely and to make all future purchases on that account.

The takeaway here is that for now, Apple users will have to manage their own accounts and be mindful of creating or using them -- but maybe soon Apple will consolidate accounts into a single user ID.

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