Apple Plans to Include Beats Music Service in iOS

Getty Images

Apple plans to incorporate its Beats music service, which it paid $3 billion for a few months ago, into its iOS mobile platform used on its iPads and iPhones.

The news comes from an unnamed source, the New York Times reported, and Apple will also lower the monthly subscription rates to "as low as $5 a month," a 50 percent drop. Apple declined to comment on the story.

Music plans seem to be hitting a $10 a month wall -- the price where most "casual listeners" drop out of the subscription service. The average payment is $50 to $55 a year from listeners. Although Apple's iOS 8 doesn't have a Beats Music app yet, Apple is expected to include the app by next March.

Apple bought Beats for its brand and its "cool" factor, but was it worth $3 billion? So far Apple hasn't made money on the acquisition.

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