Apple Proves Santa Uses Siri to Organize His Deliveries

If you're Apple and you need to figure out a way to convince those last few people who don't have an iPhone 4S to grab one for the holidays, how do you do it? Why you employ the services of good old Kris Kringle himself, of course.

Apple has released a new commercial promoting the iPhone 4S by showing the character of Santa Claus using Siri to organize his Christmas delivery schedule. The short spot is clever in that it uses an old holiday tale to effectively show exactly how you're meant to use Siri.

Santa asks Siri for directions, weather information, and even a "naughty or nice" email list. Finally, when Santa asks Siri how the rest of his day looks, Siri replies, "You have 3.7 billion appointments."

It's the perfect marriage of old school fable with new school tech. You can check out the full Apple television spot in the video below.

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