Apple Requires Retina Resolution Screenshots

Is it the end of 3G phones? Apple is now requiring iOS developers to submit screenshots 960-by-480 pixels or above so they can been seen clearly on the new iPhone 4S's Retina display. But at least one publication is asking, "Is this the end of 3G?"

Granted, Apple could just be asking developers to submit better photos because they look better, but the Next Web argues that it could also easily mean that the tech company is trying to purge itself of the iPhone 3G to make way for newer models. That does make sense, since the iPhone 4S is already out, the iPhone 5 is likely to make its debut this summer and the rumored iPad 3 will also have Retina display.

But isn't that a big leap to make for just one small change? It's also definitely a first-world viewpoint. The iPhone 3G is still bought and sold (and No. 3) in the United States, but it's also a cheaper alternative for the developing world -- especially since India is only now getting 3G capability. Apple has to keep an inexpensive phone in its stable if it ever hopes to break open that market.. 

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