Apple Starting New Android Trade-In Program

Have a Samsung or BlackBerry phone and want an iPhone? You could be in luck. Apple wants to boost its iPhone sales in stores, so it's working on a recycling and trade-in policy for non-Apple phones, according to reports.

The new program is aimed specifically at Android and BlackBerry phone owners, who can trade in their old phones for gift cards "used toward the purchase of new iPhones," according to 9to5Mac. In short, it's Apple's old trade-in policy for non-Apple phones. The price of the gift cards will be based on current retail price and condition of the phones.

The trade-in policy has proved to push sales since it started in 2013, so adding non-Apple phones is likely to do the same. The new program will roll out in the coming weeks.

The only problem we see with the non-Apple smartphone trade-ins is that it's unlikely customers will receive top dollar. Those turning in Apple phones for upgrades have found Apple's pricing is more conservative than its competitors, so it doesn't bode well for non-Apple phones.

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