Apple Suit Is Helping Our Sales: Samsung

Usually, a ban on your product is something to be worried about. Not for Samsung! That preliminary injunction banning sales of Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Australia handed to Apple actually helped boost the visibility of the tablet. Samsung says Apple helped turn the 10.1 into a household name.

If not for Apple's courtroom battles with Samsung, the Korean electronics giant might not have gotten all the extra publicity it did. According to The Sydney Morning Herald, Samsung couldn't be any happier:

"At the end of the day the media awareness certainly made the Galaxy Tab 10.1 a household name compared to probably what it would've been based on the investment that we would've put into it from a marketing perspective," [Samsung Australia vice president of telecommunications Tyler McGee] said.

Asked how many units of the Galaxy Tab Samsung was bringing in, McGee said "as many units as we can" but warned "there will probably be short supply against the demand".

That pic you see way up top? Samsung's new newspaper ad ran in the Sun-Herald that Engadget discovered from Martin Aungle's Twitter.

Samsung's painting the Galaxy Tab 10.1 to be the ultimate tablet underdog. That's some spin that Samsung is applying, but if it helps sell more Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablets, more power to them. Apple, it's your move.

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